DURASHINE™ Accessories



Tata Blue Scope Building Products recommends quality Fasteners for DURASHINE™ Roof &wall applications.

Specification: Fastener as per AS3566,Zn /Sn alloy coated by mechanical coating

Type Of Fasteners

For DURASHINE™ Roofing Application

For DURASHINE™ Walling Application

For Stitching Application

The Common Type of Drill Points


Application: For Stitching Steel Sheets together Drilling Capacity: up to 2.5 mm



Application: For Fastening Through Flashing onto Steel Sheets Drilling Capacity: up to 2 mm

Important data required to arrive at the correct length of Screw to be used for crest fixing.

“Fibreglass insulation has a compression Ratio; this has to be taken in account while arriving at Thickness of insulation.”

2 Threads thickness extra: To achieve maximum pull, out strength for your self-drilling fasteners, make sure that after complete penetration into the steel purlins, there are at least 2 threads excess

General Recommendation: 5 Fasteners/ sqm (min) or as per design requirement at site*

*please consult Design Engineer before selecting

Effect of using non-recommended Fastener

Use of J hook and carbon washer may damage the sheets   Over-driving or Under-driving may lead to water leakage or washer damage   Use of stainless steel fastener may damage the sheet
Using poor quality fastener may lead to early roof failure   Using thin electroplated fasteners may cause damage   Using cap on fasteners may Cause damage