Durashine ® Liner Profile

Durashine® Liner Profile is attractive slightly fluted wall and ceiling cladding for exterior and interior use on straight or curved surfaces

Durashine® Liner Profile is manufactured out of high strength steel which has longitudinal flutes that provide rigidity and strength along the length of the sheet while retaining full flexibility across the width. It can be used with the flutes vertical or horizontal, however, Durashine® Liner Profile is no intended as a roofing material

It’s elegant appearance makes it suitable for many applications where flat sheet would not normally be considered such as ceiling, partition, facings, screens, garage doors, fascias and large boards


Durashine® Liner Profile is 1110 mm wide coverage profile with 3.5 mm deep rib at pitch of 50.5 mm centre to centre distance


Durashine® Liner Profile steel cladding can be attached to the frame with the flutes either vertical or horizontal. When fixing with flutes horizontally, ensure that the top sheet overlaps the sheet below. If ends laps are necessary because of very long runs, allow at least 75 mm lap. For sheets fixed on external applications where sealing is required, seal end laps with a suitable sealant.

Location of Fasteners

A fastener should be located either at the side lap or adjacent to it. For a quality finish, fasteners at the ends of Durashine® Liner Profile sheets, including end laps, should be located at every second valley. At intermediate supports, four fasteners should be used equidistant across the sheet. For internal applications not subject to wind loads, the number of fasteners may be reduced by 50% except for ceiling applications

Side Lapping

Three types of side lapping methods are used: the overlapping flute, the butt joint and the edge lap joint. When using the overlapping or edge lap joint methods, side lap fasteners are required at 200 -300 centres.