Product Overview

Item Paint for exterior applications.
Paint Preparation Stir the contents thoroughly by shaking the container and after opening the lid as well. Mix four parts of ECOPLUS EXTERIOR EMULSION with three part of clean water by volume. Prepare the paint as per the requirement, so that the thinned paint can be used on the same day after preparation.
Paint Application Stir the mixer properly before use. Use a good quality paint brush, roller or spray gun for painting. Avoid under thinning or over thinning of paint. Apply one self priming coat by diluting 1 part Emulsion Paint with 1 part water. Apply next coat by mixing three part of clean water to four part of paint by volume followed with two to three coats.
For Horizontal Surfaces like top of windows, hedges, sunshades and parapets etc where water accumulates during rain should be painted with three and more coats for greater protection.
Application can be done with brush, roller or spray gun with a suitable adjustment in consistency. The recoating time between two coats should be minimum four to six hours.
Covering Capacity Coverage depends very much on the method of application and nature of substrate. Diluted paint covers approx11-12sq. m./It/coat.
Pack Size Available in 20ltr, 10ltr, 4ltr & 1ltr


Exhibiting freshness and superior durability, Ecoplus exterior emulsion offers long lasting exterior coating. It is a branded as well as economically viable product from Tata Pigments. The acrylic formulation gives it the strength to combat the rigours of tropical climates.

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